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Intelligent Ship


The Intelligent Ship concept may be realized via Martechnic Hellas MMCS (Machinery Monitoring and Control System), which is the perfect automation solution for medium to large size vessels.


MMCS improves productivity and efficiency of ship staff, as well as owners and ship management companies, by increasing the quality of monitoring, accuracy of control and handling. Hence it enables optimising business processes through better communicationautomated workflow and access to information for all stakeholders.


The increasingly competitive shipping industry today requires ship owners and ship management companies to not only be more productive and cost competitive in fleet management, they are also expected to enforce strict maintenance programmes to prevent vessel downtime. Concurrently, ship management has to adhere to increasingly complex regulations must while respecting safety and security on-ship.


Managing these needs requires a powerful automated system that can store and administer the vast amount of information from ships and h/q offices, aiming to reduce significantly the operating expenses and enhance productivity.

Martechnic Hellas MMCS Subsystems

  • Fuel Consumption Monitor
  • Tank Level & Bunker Monitoring
    • ballast and service tank gauging
    • tank overflow protection subsystem
  • Main Engine and Generators Monitoring and Automation
    • bearing wear monitoring system
    • crosshead & crank monitoring
    • cylinder liner monitoring and feed optimizer
    • torque and power measurement
    • water in oil
  • Enginer Control Room
    • pump room monitoring subsystem
    • HVAC monitoring and lifecycle management
  • Potable Water Quality Management
  • Power Management System
    • Diesel generator monitoring and control
    • Diesel engine safety and start/stop
    • Circuit breaker synchronize & connect
    • Bus line voltage and frequency control
    • Generator voltage and frequency control
    • Generator load in KW and %
    • Symmetric or asymmetric load sharing
    • Load control with load shedding
    • Separation of alarm, control and safety
    • Single or multiple switchboard control
    • Heavy consumers management
    • Automatic start and connect after blackout
    • Automatic line frequency adjustment
    • Control of diesel electric propulsion
  • Stress, Stability, Loading
    • cargo monitoring and control subsystem
    • water ingress detection system
  • Bow Stem Slamming Monitor
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