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Lube and Fuel Laboratory Analysis and Root Cause Diagnosis


Why: Oil can talk… Learn to understand the message

High performance and still full of power reserves - or already used and posing serious risks for systems and machines?


Martechnic Hellas has a long standing collaboration with OELCHECK which is the world leader in laboratory analysis and diagnosis on lubricants.


In doing so, expensive repairs, downtimes and unnecessary oil changes can be avoided.


From a multitude of physical and chemical characteristic values, OELCHECK deduces the condition of the oil and machine alike. In doing so, the best time for an oil change can be determined. Wear particles are matched to specifi c damaged machine parts. These provide information about the condition of the system and its components and provide a predictive warning of damage.


In construction machinery and industrial equipment, cars, trucks and lorries, gearboxes and hydraulic systems, OELCHECK analyses all lubricants as well as many fuels and understands the message.


What: Messages encoded into the oil, decrypted for the engineer…


Check below a number of analysis reports for various machinery situations


How and where do you take the oil sample?


For an easy and clean sample taking we recommend the OELCHECK "Vampire" sampling pump. Via the tube the oil can directly be drawn into the sampling bottle (vacuum principle).

Please take the sample:

  • during operation or immediately after a shutdown
  • at normal operating temperature (max. 80°C)
  • always at the same point with the same method
  • if possible never from but before the filter
  • not after changing the oil or after considerable quantities of oil have been added
  • put the sample in a clean and dry container preferably in the original sample bottle of the kit.


How do you identify the sampling bottle?


Remove the red barcode number from the sample information sheet and stick it on the sampling bottle.


So you get a clear identification which sampling bottle and sample information are matching.

Why should you carefully fill in the sample information sheet ?


The more information you give us about the machine and the oil used, the more precisely the evaluation of our engineer will be. The attached sample information sheet includes all essential information we need for the analysis of your samples.


…By the way… – a sample identification you once gave us should not be changed. Your analysis results will be saved in our data base. If you send us further samples with the same identification the earlier analyzed samples will also be indicated in the corresponding laboratory report for comparison.

Check below the forms, on your screen:


How do you send us your sample?

Use the attached preaddressed envelope.

It’s made of oil–proof plastic material.

The sticky–flap closes the envelope absolutely safe.

The Sample Information Form can be attached in an extra plastic–bag on the back. 


Analysis Report
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