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Automated Potable Water Quality Management




The World Health Organisation (WHO) in line with the International Health Regulations 2005, have drafted guidelines on ship sanitation which detail the systems that require monitoring, the method and frequency of monitoring and record keeping requirements. The draft guidelines were created in close collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).


Martechnic has developed a Marine Potable Water Test Kitto aid with the monitoring of ships water tanks and outlets. Passenger ships, general cargo vessels, fishing vessels, naval vessels, tankers and rigs are all required to conform. Monitoring is required on supplies from port or onboard water production plant. Also, a plan of regular and frequent sampling of potable water, to confirm quality is required (ref. a sample "Annual Potable Water Quality Monitoring Plan" customized for a particular vessel). More information is provided in our web page on Potable Water.


An alternative to all complex and tedious mandatory processes, is the deployment of a fully unmanned quality monitoring and control in your vessel’s potable water network. Martechnic Hellas is offering an end–to–end solution, ensuring quality of water from the desalination, to the storage tank, and up to the last potable water outlet in the accommodation.


Product Brochure

Download and print our 2-pager color brochure, to get an overview of the Aquarius system.

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System Brief

Find out within a few pages, how Martechnic Hellas may help you in automating your drinking water quality monitoring, ensuring compliance, as well as health and safety of your ships’ crews:

ASWQM System

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Fundamental water parameters are under continuous monitoring, on selected locations over the potable water network. They are:

  • Total residual chlorine
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Turbidity


Chlorine dosimetric system has been evolved into an "intelligent" closed–loop automated system, ensuring optimal chlorination in the water storage tank, as well as the complete potable water network on ship.

Hot water piping network is maintained above 50°C across the complete piping segment, with "intelligent" hot water re–circulation control.


Every filter in the system has attached a micro–sensor notifying timely the need for replacement.

Superchlorination process becomes fully automated, managed by the system. Few simple and clear instructions are provided by the system, on-screen, to the responsible crew member. All operation is via a color HMI touch–screen.


The complete system, sensors, and valves, is controlled by a dedicated high quality PLC, while all data are conveyed onto any Ethernet–connected personal computer.

A special purpose software, provided by Martechnic Hellas, process the historical data, over any period, producing the relevant ISM SMS/PSM documentation, relieving the ship management from a significant overhead.


This system is suitable for quick retrofit on any vessel.


Call Martechnic Hellas, for a customized study and proposal for your vessel.



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