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Tank Level and Bunker Monitoring




Bunker Monitor is a Martechnic Hellas’ integrated foolproof solution on Bunker Supply process total management, monitoring and historical record tracking.


Bunkering was for many years one of the most weak operational aspect in shipping.


Root causes being:

  • Owner ordering weight and receiving volume
  • Product itself was frequently tempting certain involved individuals to abuse processes in expectation of side benefits; this could happen anywhere between the moment fuel was leaving the tank farm, until stored in destination vessel fuel tank.
  • Fuel is acquired in different supply locations across the world; thus, inevitably quality of supply and product may vary dramatically.


We could continue populating this list with more and more issues related to the quality, duration, and quantity of the Bunker Supply.




Martechnic Hellas has a long track record and rich expertise through its affiliate companies in the role of Bunker Trader and Physical Supplier.


Martechnic Hellas’ Bunker Monitor is supporting end–to–end the bunkering process, but not the fuels chemical properties; the later is tackled by other Martechnic traditional Oil end Lube analysis and testing portfolio products, as well as ad–hoc lab analysis  of samples.


As an optional system extension, the Bunkering Process can be monitored remotely, by the Management Co H/Q’s.

Monitored data and recorded information:

  • Fuel Quantities on-board, in both volume and mass on Board; continuous monitoring any moment, at any Temperature
  • Actual mass/volume acquired upon each bunkering
  • Bunkering process duration

Typical System Layout…

Bunker Monitor Layout


The above schematic shows the typical layout of a "Bunker Monitor" connected with one tank.

However in reality the system is responsible for continuously monitoring the oil quantities on–board, on each tank. Whether there target vessel is using one, two or three different fuel categories, the "Bunker Monitor" is reaching with the appropriate sensors, each and every tank on the ship. Same principle applies on the cylinder oil tanks. All real–time information are agreegated in the supervisory HMI screen.

Fuel and Oil Tank System
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