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Marine Potable Water Test Kits


Recent high profile legionella scares on board cruise ships has highlighted issues of crew and passenger health and safety; particularly in respect of microbiological contamination of water and air handling systems. Dont let this happen on your vessel.

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Martechnic has written a comprehensive marine hygiene log book and have combined this with all the equipment required to create the Marine Hygiene Test Kits. Simple, regular testing of the above systems for micro-organisms like legionella, coliforms, e.coli and pseudomonas will reduce risks, help keep employees healthy and ultimately save lives.



The World Health Organisation (WHO) in line with the International Health

Regulations 2005, have drafted guidelines on ship sanitation which detail the systems that require monitoring, the method and frequency of monitoring and record keeping requirements. The draft guidelines were created in close collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).


The World Health Organization on the reference book titled "Guide to Ship Sanitation", defines in detail the testing requirements and obligations of the operator, in regards to Potable Water.


Part I: Mandatory monitoring and verification activities (excerpt from pg.27)

By far the greatest risks in drinking-water are associated with microbial contamination from human excreta sources.


Monitoring source water at the port is carried out to ensure water is safe.



Martechnic Hellas published a set of "backgrounder" documents, aimed to Health and Safety management support.

Read more below:

Crew Training


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Recommended parameters to be monitored include:

  • escherichia coli (E. coli) or thermotolerant (faecal) coliforms
  • disinfectant residual
  • corrosion-related contaminants
  • turbidity
  • heterotrophic plate count (HPC), and
  • aesthetic parameters


E. coli or thermotolerant (faecal) coliforms are utilized as the indicators of potential contamination from pathogens associated with human excreta. Total coliforms are not necessarily indicators of faecal contamination, but may reflect a lack of general cleanliness.


E. coli and thermotolerant (faecal) coliforms should be measured using generally accepted analytical techniques.


HPC should be measured to provide an overview of the general status of microbial life in the system.


Part II: Roles and Responsibilities of the Ship Operator (excerpt from pg.28)


The ship operator’s role is to provide a safe water supply to passengers and crew fit for all intended purposes.


Water on board should be kept clean and free of pathogenic organisms and harmful chemicals.


Responsibilities are:

  • to monitor the water system, particularly for microbial and chemical indicators
  • to share sampling results with stakeholders
  • to report adverse results to the competent authority where required
  • to take corrective actions


Adverse results should also be communicated to the crew and passengers when and where necessary. Where there are methods or materials advised by WHO for particular tests, then these should be applied.


Martechnic's Test Kits


Martechnic has developed a few styles of Kit for this. One complete Marine Hygiene Test Kit and for simplicity, two Marine Potable Water Test Kits to aid with the monitoring of ships water tanks and outlets. Passenger ships, general cargo vessels, fishing vessels, naval vessels, tankers and rigs are all required to conform. Monitoring is required on supplies from port or onboard water production plant.


You are invited to contact Martechnic Hellas and provide the details of your vessels in order to assist you in producing an effective "Annual Potable Water Quality Monitoring Plan"  customized to comply with the existing regulatory framework.


Martechnic's Automated Management of Potable Water on Ship


Martechnic Hellas has developed a complete solution advancing further your potable water quality monitoring. Actually you transform your potable water network into a fully automated system, with continuous quality monitoring via an intelligent control system. Read more in our web page about the "Automated Potable Water Quality Management" , and review a typical fully automated potable water network drawing.

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